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Photo 1-The Falls at Crismon Commons
Photo 5-Coyote Creek
Photo 3-Falls at Crismon Commons
Photo 2-The Falls at Crismon Commons
Photo 4-Coyote Creek

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Overland Advisors first began in 1987 as Overland Management & Realty Corporation as a property management and real estate brokerage company. In 1989, the company divided into two separate entities, Overland Management Corporation and Overland Realty Corporation dba Overland Advisors. In today’s world, most real estate brokerage companies require their affiliated real estate professionals to fit into one business model, either residential or commercial brokerage which frustrates both agents and clients if they have real estate needs that don’t fit within the company’s business model. Many real estate brokerages don’t even focus on the importance of real estate investing.At Overland Advisors, we understand the importance of real estate as an investment. Some clients prefer to invest in residential real estate while others prefer to invest in commercial real estate. Our advisors are trained is working with both types of clients. The emphasis for us is all about being a trusted advisor and consultant to our clients, many of whom have different needs; some like commercial investing, some like residential investing and some like both. 

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