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Overland Advisors provides our clients with a full range of commercial real estate services which include brokerage, leasing, development, property management, and investing. Our goal is to provide the expertise to meet our client’s needs. 

Commercial Brokerage

Overland Advisors understand the importance of representing their clients when it comes to buying or selling a commercial property whether it’s an apartment building, an office building, a retail property, an industrial property, a hospitality property, or other commercial specialty property. We have the expertise and the connections to meet our clients’ needs in each of these property types. The goal is to provide the maximum marketing exposure for each property while working within the parameters of our clients’ requirements.


Very few commercial real estate brokerage firms have professionals who understand the real estate development process. At Overland Advisors, we pride ourselves in assisting our clients through the entire development process. We understand how to work with city ordinances, planning and zoning staff, planning commissions and city councils to help expedite the development process.


Representing a Landlord and representing a Tenant are two very different things. Landlords want to maximize their revenue while Tenants want to minimize their expenses and out-of-pocket costs. The real estate professionals at Overland Advisors understand the difference and have the expertise to represent their client regardless of who they represent.

Property Management

Overland Advisors understand the nuances of managing each commercial property type. The overarching goal of our property management is to preserve the physical asset while maximizing revenue and minimizing expenses. Depending on the owner’s needs, we know that for most properties, providing the highest Net Operating Income will give the property its highest value.


Overland Advisors believe that the greatest way to achieving lasting wealth is through wise real estate investing in income-producing properties, in most cases. We strive to identify the best investments for our clients’ needs. Wealth creation is all about finding the right property in which to invest. We pride ourselves in finding the best properties to suit our clients’ investing needs.


Overland Construction was created to provide partners and clients a better building experience. We live and breath to construct exciting, attractive, and profitable opportunities to our partners and clients. In addition, Overland Construction provides an unmatched construction experience to give our partners and clients extraordinarily high confidence in their newly built project.

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